IBN CORE Professional Complete (IBN+)

IBN CORE Professional Complete (IBN+)

The IBN+ package solution combines IBN’s Pro level of CORE services with Sophisticated Syndication Strategy and the InvestorOutreachCenter (IOC).

Package Includes:

IBN Sophisticated Syndication Strategy (SSS)
via Premium Editorial Syndication Partners includes:

  • Up to 4-6 articles per month distributed to premium editorial syndication partners 
  • Significant increase in visibility with article placement via top brokers, high-traffic financial networks and more
  • The premium distribution network includes Robinhood, Yahoo Finance, Zacks, JPMorganChase, InvestorPlace and many others
  • Sponsored & contributed IBN content is syndicated at each partner’s discretion
  • Must be listed on the AMEX, NASDAQ or NYSE for Premium Editorial Partners consideration

InvestorOutreachCenter (IOC)

  • Unlimited capital markets programs (typically $50k per offering)
  • Additional investment in your next financing
  • Access to our ecosystem (Bankers, Market Makers, network of Digital Marketers, etc.)
  • Minimum 1,000 live phone calls/month to qualified North American Investment Professionals
  • Full access to our technology/database (11.5K Canadian IIROC, 220K American Brokers & 40K+ Institutions and Family Offices)
  • Customized Database: Contacts are ranked on highest likelihood of success based on accumulated data (updated daily)
  • All emails are tracked to maximize real-time engagement.
  • All emails are approved by you to ensure the integrity of public company brand.
  • All calls are followed-up with an email containing company information & documents.
  • Press Releases disseminated to your hot list
  • Calls scheduled for your Management Team with brokers, institutions and family offices who are interested in your story.
  • Weekly updates with full list of brokers/institutions/family offices who are engaged in your stock/story.
  • Detailed monthly report (see link to sample above)
  • Capital Markets Program
  • Call and Email campaign to qualified investment professionals to drive interest to your offering
  • Email campaign contains deal terms, term sheet, and company documents
  • All orders directed to your lead underwriter

To qualify for InvestorOutreachCenter (IOC), the public company MUST be fulling reporting, be in the US and/or Canada, and agree to a minimum of a 365 day term.

IBN+ Bolt-on Options

Advertising Excellence

  • Reach your Target Audience
    We help hand tailor marketing campaigns and other services for your company, whether it’s aimed at investors, consumers or for fund acquisition. We’ll guide you along the process.
  • Advertise to the Right People
    Your uniquely crafted media campaigns–run through the Sequire platform–target investor matches from NOBO lists across social, email, and display platforms. Campaigns can also be targeted toward lookalike audiences modeled on your shareholders, reaching investors with similar attributes with the goal of attracting new prospects.
  • Give them a Place to Land
    When investors click on your advertisements and content, they need a place to go that displays the most pertinent information about your company. This landing page will be specifically designed to get investors to convert and will have the ability to track their movements, resulting in meaningful analytics for the future.
  • Convert and Nurture
    Media campaigns are for new investor conversion, but also for investor retention and increased share purchasing. Ads will reach your shareholders across all these platforms on a consistent basis for maximum awareness of and engagement with your brand. If you’re a subscribed Sequire member, you’ll be able to communicate with these shareholders even more directly.

24 Days of Sustained Coverage

36 Press Releases / One-Year Coverage

  • Sustained press coverage via InvestorWire, which includes electronic distribution to financial disclosure networks, newspapers and broadcast media

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