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Market intelligence takes vigorous research, insightful analysis, and an incredible amount of time.

Market intelligence is the gathering and analyzing of information specific to a company’s markets for the purpose of making the best decision regarding market opportunity, penetration strategy and development.

Simply put, it is the act of gathering information about the market your company participates in, and analyzing the data to grow your market presence.

IBN’s (InvestorBrandNetwork) team of professionals has decades of combined experience in market intelligence and strategic application. Market intelligence takes vigorous research, insightful analysis, and an incredible amount of time. IBN has all three, as well as the resources to execute a plan of action.

Our first move is to get an understanding of your brand, management team, products and operations, financial performance, as well as your current market position and short- and long-term goals.

We take this information and weigh it against your competitors, consumer trends, and industry standards and outlooks to develop a communications strategy that best defines your brand and where you want to be.

Take a look at some of the Market Intelligence solutions we provide:

  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Internal, competition and market analysis
  • Creation of relevant marketing materials
  • Development of intelligence best practices
  • Continual monitoring of related industries
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You’re already more familiar with brand awareness than you might think. What’s your favorite brand of soft drink, athletic shoe, car, shampoo, streaming content provider? Chances are, you first tried those brands because of their awareness strategies. Whether it was word of mouth or a TV commercial, Facebook post, billboard or coupon, that awareness peaked interest, triggered a purchase reaction, and ideally built customer loyalty.

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5,000+ key syndication outlets across the country. IBN’s extensive system of strategic distribution points maximizes your exposure to an audience of millions, including journalists, investors, day traders, fund managers and a multitude of other interested individuals. Now your press releases, earnings statements, branded articles, shareholder updates, corporate achievements can reach a vast and diverse nationwide audience.

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Make sure your message resonates. IBN integrates social media with traditional distribution channels to make sure your message resonates long after initial publication. This innovative model ensures that your news not only crosses the wire, but keeps reverberating via social conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.

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A unique format with a traditionally different sensory input – hearing.As conferences and events continue to suffer cancellations and greatly reduced attendance, many businesses are wondering how to network with large investor audiences in the new normal. At the same time podcasts have seen a jump in popularity.

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