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Podcasts as a platform cannot be ignored.

A recent study by Nielsen found that podcast ads were more effective than digital ads, and it is predicted that U.S. adults will spend more time listening to digital audio than radio.

Looking at ways to network with large investor audiences? Enter the podcast solution: a form of media attracting serious consideration from business people around the globe due to its impressive conversion rates and unparalleled ability to align brands with target audiences.

Podcast popularity is booming—almost 80% of Internet users are tuning in to digital audio at least once a month—and in a multitasking era where people seek to incorporate a dose of human connectivity and new insights while doing various activities, the podcast platform cannot be ignored.

Podcasting’s Edge in Modern Media

  • Social media usage seems to have plateaued, but podcasting has continuously been on the rise, with the majority of Americans now saying they have listened to a podcast before.
  • Podcasting is a unique format with a traditionally different sensory input—hearing. This audio format allows listeners to multitask while still keeping an active mindset, one ideally primed for engagement with content.
  • Specificity of podcast platform allows for critical alignment between brand, mission, and audience. Loyalty is a trademark of the podcast culture, and listeners tune in religiously. 
  • Alignment creates impressive conversion rates—podcasting is outpacing social media in its effectiveness at reaching target audiences.
  • As podcast guests, company representatives are placed in the spotlight, positioned as experts and thought leaders for an extended period of time. The show is edited and saved in perpetuity, whereas traditional interviews afford a much shorter, more transitory, and less striking impact. 
  • Though rising in popularity prior to the pandemic, podcasting is now becoming an integral part of business and networking communities even as traditional in-person events return. The podcast format offers a tremendous augmentation for conventions, conferences, and events in marketing professional brands to strategic audiences.
  • Audiences forge a personal connection to a company or brand that cannot be achieved in a press release or digital ad; this human connectivity encourages brand loyalty and interest as well as retention of content.
  • Incredible reach—many podcasts now get 200,000 downloads per episode. With a specific enough audience, even 500 downloads to interested members is comparable to presenting at a conference of similar size.

IBN podcasts provide investors a variation of exclusive audio such as news, editorials, executive interviews and more.

  • The IBN Podcast Series has launched over 750+ Podcast to date
  • Average listening time is around 27 minutes per podcast (30 minutes total per IBN Podcast)
  • 12,114 average downloads per month per Podcast for IBN Podcast Series directly
  • 25,300+ average downloads per month when counted individually per platform with our partners: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Bullhorn.

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IBN Podcast Agency Solutions

The podcast industry is exploding with popularity—each day, 250 new shows are launched, with millions already in existence. How do you know which is best-aligned for your brand, interests, and objectives? How can you ensure a recorded episode will be effectively promoted?

Partnering with IBN’s Agency Solutions will remove any uncertainty in navigating the podcast universe. We leverage our situational knowledge and relationship capital needed within the industry:


As a client partner of our agency, you won’t have to worry about pitching yourself to existing shows—we bring the opportunities to you. Our firm will secure you guest spots on podcasts that are in complete alignment with your brand and objectives, ensuring maximum marketing impact.

Branding & Alignment

We leverage our existing relationships with every podcast and host in our network to ensure that host and audience are in alignment with our client’s brand and personality before we make the initial pitch. This critical alignment ensures value for both clients and hosts, creating a foundation for a show built for results and impact.

Execution & Deliverables

We will manage and coordinate pitching and scheduling with your personal brand and business objectives.

Logistical Management

After securing and scheduling your guest spot, we ensure that the podcast has the appropriate head shot, bio, social media profiles, web sites, call to action, etc. We also ensure that calendar invites are properly distributed, recording details are provided and any other logistics are properly taken care of.

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    A unique format with a traditionally different sensory input – hearing.As conferences and events continue to suffer cancellations and greatly reduced attendance, many businesses are wondering how to network with large investor audiences in the new normal. At the same time podcasts have seen a jump in popularity.

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