The JBoy Show

Hosted by Jake Crain, the JBoy Show delivers an in-depth look at Southeastern Conference (SEC) sports with an emphasis on the SEC West.

The JBoy Show

Hosted by Jake Crain, the JBoy Show burst on the podcast scene in April 2020, delivering an in-depth look at Southeastern Conference (SEC) sports with an emphasis on the SEC West. With topics ranging from recruiting and real-life athlete experiences to a multi-episode series honoring legendary Auburn football Coach Pat Dye, the JBoy Show has already been ranked as one of the top-10 sports news shows on Apple Podcasts.

Called the “realest SEC podcast around,” the JBoy Show features host Crain’s own thoughts and expertise, as well as close, personal interviews with a wide variety of guests. Sports fans of all ages and interests will enjoy the casually informative style of the podcast, as guests become so comfortable that the interview becomes a candid conversation, often moving beyond the formal, professional world of sports into the realm of personal recollection and musings.

With so much happening in and around college sports, the sky is the limit for the JBoy Show. Crain brings invaluable expertise and insight to every episode—whether he is diving deep into current SEC sports topics, celebrating past moments to remember or looking forward to the future. Aimed at both the casual and die-hard SEC sports fan, each episode of the JBoy Show is dedicated to providing an in-depth look at everything and anything important in the world of SEC sports.

Host Background

Jake Crain (“JBoy”) has built an impressive career as a high school and college football coach, with experience gained from coaching in three different divisions. His roles have ranged from linebacker and running back coach to special teams and defensive coordinator.

Crain takes his expertise gained as a communicator on the field and applies it to his role as communicator in the podcast arena. While his career has been focused on football, his interest extends to all sports, a combination ideal for hosting the JBoy Show, which is dedicated to covering all things SEC. Thanks to his unique perspective and inside experience, Crain knows what questions to ask and how to get candid, authentic answers and insight.

Standout Traits of the JBoy Show

  • Perspective: The host’s unique background includes 9 years of coaching college football, allowing him to tune in to the most essential issues. This experience also gives him the ability to create authentic connections with guests, easing them into comfortable, candid conversation. 
  • Style: Those familiar with Joe Rogan will appreciate the host’s “casually informative” style.
  • Spectrum range: The show’s inclusivity of sports events ranging from the past to the present—especially those centered around the SEC—invites a broad audience of all generations and interests.
  • Flow: The non-choreographed yet structured format allows for the natural ebb and flow of conversation between host and interviewee. Allowing topics to spring up organically—a feat difficult to achieve without a host well-versed in the subject’s background—ensures a lively, authentic exchange that makes for engaging entertainment.
  • Content Volume: With so much happening in and around college athletics, there is never a dull moment in the world of sports. 

About the Southeastern Conference (SEC)

A pioneer in the integration of higher education and athletic competition, the Southeastern Conference is a leader on the national landscape for intercollegiate athletics in the 21st century. Since its formation in 1933, the SEC has been governed by the presidents of its member institutions and has become a prominent, stable presence on the collegiate landscape. These university leaders have come together to discuss and determine the policies of the conference.

Original SEC members include Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. The conference has expanded twice: Arkansas and South Carolina joined in 1991, and Missouri and Texas A&M joined in 2012.

One of the winningest collegiate sport conferences, the SEC has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments, including 43 national football championships, 21 basketball championships, 41 indoor track championships, 42 outdoor track championships, 24 swimming championships, 20 gymnastics championships, and 13 College World Series. The conference sponsors team championships in nine men’s sports and 12 women’s sports.

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