Premier NIBA Conference Wraps Up; Quality of Content, Presentations Strengthen Non-Profit Association’s Value in the Space

December 9, 2019

Premier NIBA Conference Wraps Up; Quality of Content, Presentations Strengthen Non-Profit Association’s Value in the Space

NetworkNewsWire (“NNW”), a multifaceted financial news and publishing company, reported that the National Investment Banking Association’s (“NIBA”) 147th Investment Conference, which wrapped up on November 13, continued the organization’s renowned tradition of hosting one of the micro-cap and small-cap investment community’s finest events.

Held Nov. 12–13, 2019, at the Westin New York at Times Square in New York City, the conference featured more than two dozen carefully selected emerging-growth companies, with each company taking advantage of the unique platform to present their stories to prospective investors, registered investment advisors, private equity groups, broker dealers, investment bankers, venture capital groups, financing partners, market makers and market professionals.

“We’re very pleased with the caliber of presenting companies and the interest generated by the presentations,” said executive director Emily Foshee. “In the past, the NIBA network and members have raised more than $17 billion and are responsible for 90% of all initial public offerings under $20 million. Based on the quality of what we saw at this conference, that trend appears certain to continue. We appreciate having NetworkNewsWire’s involvement to extend the reach of the presented company stories to their syndicates and the diverse array of investor audiences gathered by the affiliated InvestorBrandNetwork.”

The NIBA investment forum allows companies an initial 10-minute overview presentation, followed by one-on-one meetings, which provide presenting companies additional opportunities to engage potential investors with full presentations and allows time for in-depth questions and answers. In addition, the overview presentations are filmed, giving those NIBA members not in attendance an opportunity to learn about the presenting companies. Those companies are also allowed to post their presentation videos on their websites to generate additional investment interest.

In addition to the company presentations, the conference agenda included an open forum session titled “All You Wanted to Know about the Capital Markets and Were Afraid to Ask.” NetworkNewsWire’s communications director, Jonathan Keim, was a member of the panel, which also included Andrea Cataneo, partner at Sheppard Mullin; Carlo Corzine, investment banking and syndicate principal at Dawson James Securities; Seth Farbman, chairman at VStock Transfer; Jim Hock, president of Hanover International; and Jonathon Uretsky, partner at Phillipson Uretsky LLP.

NetworkNewsWire also delivered a recorded presentation, titled “IR and the Importance of Content Strategies,” which will be disseminated to the presenting companies as bonus content. The presentation is designed to help companies learn about the proper mindset needed to be successful when using digital content strategies as part of an existing investor relations (IR) program.

“The presentation delivered draws from the experience gained from implementing many different content strategies for more than 450 public and pre-IPO companies,” said Keim, who noted that any organization can request a link to view the presentation at the InvestorBrandNetwork contact page.

Topics covered in the NNW presentation include the following:

  • Identifying the most effective course of action
  • How to define scope, set targets and create timelines
  • Reaching investors who haven’t heard your story
  • How to maintain engagement with new and growing audiences
  • Coordinating various approaches for greater success
  • How to increase visibility with your existing team and resources

“We were honored to work directly with the NIBA on this event as well,” added Keim. “The conference’s well-deserved reputation makes this gathering a premier event. Using NNW’s powerful suite of corporate communications tools and syndication partners, we were able to bring an even greater awareness to the investor conference and its participants.”

As part of its role as an official dissemination partner, NNW provided coverage of each participating company, supplied additional outreach via syndicated articles produced by NNW writers, assisted with direct pitching to relevant media and provided social media distribution through many different accounts of the InvestorBrandNetwork, which now has more than 2 million likes and followers collectively across 40-plus brands.

The National Investment Banking Association has been hosting this premier conference since 1982 for public and private companies seeking access to the financial industry. NIBA is composed of thousands of investment professionals, representing more than 60 key industry services, along with over 8,800 registered representatives that have in excess of $78 billion in assets under management.

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