NobleCon Investor Conference 2021

January 19 & 20, 2021 - Virtual Event

The NobleCon investor conference series is prime territory for emerging growth companies across a variety of sectors. NobleCon is all about generating investment ideas, and third-party market data analysts with Channelchek use their expertise in small and microcap news to vet which companies will be selected to present at the two-day event and evaluate them based on criteria, including sector relevance, market position, changes in management, intellectual property, liquidity/exit strategies and potential catalytic events. This helps NobleCon deliver on its guarantee that only the most promising enterprises take the stage. 

Now in its 17th year, NobleCon is drawing on event management experience to deliver a high-quality experience in a virtual realm during the ongoing pandemic, while looking forward to that time when investors and emerging growth company representatives will again be able to meet face to face. In 2006, NobleCon pioneered the use of high-performance video webcasting as part of its conference experience to grant every presenting company a place in the virtual realm’s spotlight thanks to the award-winning simultaneous-multi-room technology of Mediasite, and now with 15 years of acquired knowledge under its belt, Noble is preparing to deliver another seamless, flawless experience online.

Based on NobleCon’s history, attendees can expect insights on topics that are often unpredictable and a little controversial, such as cannabis, biotechnology, foreign trade and the impact on emerging growth companies, blockchain, precious metal exploration, technology, and investing. Twenty-minute formal presentations are followed by 20-minute Q&A breakouts in each session, bookended by 65-minute panel presentations each day. Speaking and exhibition slots are still available. For information on registration and tickets as well as how to participate as a presenter, visit the event’s website at

Conference Highlights
  • Two-day emerging growth company showcase now in its 17th year
  • Conference designed to generate investment potential insights
  • Channelchek’s experienced market data analysts determine presenter roster to ensure relevance, confidence level
  • Long-term use of high-performance video webcasting ensures seamless experience for virtual attendees amid COVID pandemic limitations
  • Prior year’s on-site event resulted in 1,500 meetings scheduled for limited total attendance of 1,000 people
  • The 2021 event anticipates a maximum session attendance of 4,000 people from 50,000 invitations sent out worldwide

Event Website Presenting Companies

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