2022 Mullen Automotive Media Coverage

2022 Mullen Automotive Media Coverage

  • 11/4/22 – The Detroit Bureau – Mullen Launches New “Five” EV with Cross-Country Test Drive
  • 11/3/22 – US News & World Report – Mullen Automotive Launches Their FIVE EV Crossover
  • 9/22/22 – The Buzz EV News – Mullen gives first look at the FIVE RS EV Sport Crossover
  • 9/20/22 – MotorAuthority – Mullen Five RS coming with Tesla Plaid performance
  • 9/19/22 – CarScoops – Mullen Five RS Teased, Promises To Have More Than 1,000 HP And 200 MPH Top Speed
  • 9/9/22 – CarBuzz – Bollinger’s Extreme B1 And B2 Off-Road Rivian Rivals Have Been Resurrected Thanks To New Investment
  • 9/9/22 – InsideEVs – Mullen Automotive Buys Controlling Stake In Bollinger Motors
  • 9/9/22 – Design and Development Today – Mullen Automotive Acquires EV Truck Maker Bollinger
  • 9/9/22 – The Detroit Bureau – Mullen, Bollinger Joining Forces in Battle for EV Market
  • 9/9/22 – Green Car Reports – Mullen majority stake might revive Bollinger B1 and B2 electric trucks
  • 9/9/22 – Fox8 – Mullen majority stake might revive Bollinger B1 and B2 electric trucks
  • 9/9/22 – Fox5 – Mullen majority stake might revive Bollinger B1 and B2 electric trucks
  • 9/9/22 – KTLA – Mullen majority stake might revive Bollinger B1 and B2 electric trucks
  • 9/9/22 – ABC4 – Mullen majority stake might revive Bollinger B1 and B2 electric trucks
  • 9/9/22 – The Detroit Bureau – Mullen, Bollinger Joining Forces in Battle for EV Market
  • 9/9/22 – AfterMarketNews – Mullen Automotive Acquires 60% Interest in Bollinger Motors
  • 9/9/22 – MotorAuthority – Mullen acquires Bollinger, will resurrect B1 and B2 off-roaders
  • 9/9/22 – Electrive.com – Mullen takes over majority of Bollinger Motors
  • 9/9/22 – AutoFutures – Mullen Automotive Acquires 60% Controlling Interest in Bollinger Motors
  • 9/8/22 – Markets Insider – Mullen Automotive Takes Controlling Stake In Bollinger Motors, Marking Its First EV Acquisition
  • 9/8/22 – Newsweek – Bold Electric Vehicle Moves Keep Ford, Bollinger, Rivian in the Game
  • 9/8/22 – The Verge – EV startup Bollinger acquired by Mullen Automotive for $148.2 million
  • 9/8/22 – TechCrunch – Mullen acquires controlling interest in EV startup Bollinger Motors
  • 9/8/22 – AutoBlog – Mullen Automotive buys a controlling stake in Bollinger Motors
  • 9/8/22 – The Detroit News – Mullen Automotive takes majority share of Oak Park’s Bollinger Motors
  • 9/8/22 – CarScoops – Mullen Acquires Controlling Stake In Bollinger, Set To Revive B1 And B2
  • 9/8/22 – TFLTruck – Mullen Automotive Takes $148.2 Million Controlling Stake in Bollinger Motors, Aims to Revive B1 and B2 Truck Production
  • 9/8/22 – NGTNews – Mullen Acquires Controlling Interest in Bollinger Motors to Boost Commercial EV Share
  • 9/8/22 – Auto Recent – Mullen acquires 60% stake in Bollinger for $148M
  • 9/8/22 – The EV Report – Mullen Automotive Acquires Controlling Interest in Bollinger Motors, Inc.
  • 9/8/22 – EV – Mullen acquires 60% of the EV maker Bollinger Motors for nearly $150 million
  • 9/8/22 – Electrek – Mullen claims majority stake in Bollinger Motors and will revive B1 and B2 EV truck production
  • 7/11/22 – NGTNews – DelPack Logistics Orders 600 Electric Cargo Vans from Mullen Automotive
  • 5/20/22 – Electric-vehicles.com – Mullen announces 14 new hires seen as vital for the company’s growth
  • 4/20/22 – Thedetroitbureau.com – Mullen retrofits factory for battery production
  • 4/19/22 – After Market News – Mullen Automotive to take EV battery pack production in house
  • 4/18/22 – Autofutures.com – Mullen Automotive to begin EV battery pack production at California R&D facility
  • 4/18/22 – The Buzz – What is the Mullen Five & What’s Next for the EV Maker?
  • 3/6/2022 – Clean Fleet Report – Future cars concept EVs for 2023and beyond
  • 3/2/2022 – Carscoops.com – EV startup Mullen Automotive says its making significant progress on a solid state battery
  • 2/22/2022 – CarBuzz.com – Mullen is making performance EVs to get excited about
  • 2/12/2022 – Benzinga – Mullen CEO discusses commitment to 100% green in Hot Cars article
  • 2/11/2012 – WardsAuto.com – Mullen pursuing hybrid retail model for it EVs
  • 2/8/2022 – Yahoo.com – David Michery shares vision

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